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359 pieces of garment in the closet

19th October 2019 – 22nd January 2020

The systems that lead to overproduction and use of easily accessible clothes are a heavy burden on nature resources. Rights having to do with work environment and payment levels are challenged, and the systems further affect demography and development in communities worldwide. The negative footprint from the clothes industry is dramatically large, and the solutions from the industry, through the focus on circular economy and technological development, are not adequate.


This is the situation that Punkt Ø – Gallery F 15 aims to investigate with this exhibition. Through visual narratives, concrete design, activism and political statements, as well as a culturally historical material that re-actualizes idealism as a value, the ambition is to make an exhibition that engages on an individual level and becomes a venue for conversation and action on a superior level.

Designers, artists, educational institutions and research groups are invited to contribute with critical thinking and alternative solutions, with a firm focus on the acute situation today.

As a part of the exhibition, a resonating and fact-oriented catalogue will be made. Moreover, there will be arranged a seminar about the topic in January 2020, in cooperation with the Art Academy in Oslo and participants from several countries.

Curators: Maria C. Havstam and Franz P. Schmidt
359 pieces of garment in the closet is a working title, changes may occur.


Picture 1: ATACAC PRESS, 3D Pocket Jeans © ATACAC PRESS, 2019
Picture 2: ATACAC PRESS, atacac-for-real-morning-pokus-L © ATACAC PRESS, 2019