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September 28th - November 17th

Hans Hamid Rasmussen Embroidery, installation.

And invited artists: Steinar Laumann, Maia Josefine Birkeland, Hanna Roloff, Klara Maja Linnéa Pousette, Margareth Elise Kaale, Monika Mørch Hauge, Theodor Barth.


Vibeke Bärbel Slyngstad


November 30th-January 26st

In the series Modern Classics Vibeke Bärbel Slyngstad examines contrasts between strict modernist architecture and natural phenomenon, or people, as well as the possibilities of painting as a medium.

Photographer: Terje Holm


November 30th - January 26st

Kine Lillestrøm and Heidi Marie Wien presents a three-dimensional , about 30 meters long , transparent painting , which continuously runs through the exhibition rooms of the gallery`s first floor.



Aurora Passero. Ecstatic Manner, 2012


September 28th - November 17th

Aurora Passero, Camilla Steinum, Kirsti Willemse, Ann Cathrin November Høibo and Maria Brinch


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MUNCH AND MOSS 1913-1916

1 June - 15 September

On the occasion of Munch anniversary year Punkt Ø - Galleri F 15 put spot on a period in Edvard Munch`s art which is not very communicated. Punkt Ø, the county gallery of Østfold, has started various research projects that address the years Munch lived and worked in Moss. The first main goal is the exhibition Munch and Moss 1913-1916, curated by Hilde Mørch. In addition the book Munch and Moss by Hans-Martin Frydenlund Flaatten will be published in 2014.


Drama & Digte. Dagny Juel Przybyszewskas texts interpreted by Aurora Sandlilje

1 June - 15 September

- The project's focus is human vulnerability on a psychological level and stigmas in gender roles. But it also draws attention to Dagny Juels texts, and examines her work in a new light.

Aurora Sandlilje

Gunnel Wåhlstrand


23 March - 19 May

Over the course of the past four decades, the exhibition series Tendenser (Tendencies) has been held at the Galleri F15. The purpose of this ongoing project is to gather together the most recent, inventive craft work in the Nordic Countries. Curator for the 40th edition of Tendenser is Glenn Adamson, head of research at the Victoria and Albert Museum and tutor at the Royal College of Art. Photo: By the Window, 2003-2004. Gunnel Wahlstrand. Private Collection. Photgraph Björn Larsson.

Tonje Bøe Birkeland. Bayanzag 1931

Typer og Arketyper

19 Januar - 10 March

(Types and Trchetypes)
Cindy Sherman (USA), Vibeke Tandberg (NO), Cajsa von Zeipel (SE), Tonje Bøe Birkeland (No)


The Island-A Case Study of a Collector’s Mind

19 January -10 march

Hyun-Jin Kwak
Photo and installation
Curator: Siv Hofsvang