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Ung. Lovende

November 29th - January 25th

Ung.Lovende (Young.Promising) presents recently graduated artists, their artistic practices and thematic investigations. Fourteen graduates from the art academies of Bergen, Oslo and Tromsø, have been invited to exhibit their work. Ung.Lovende gives newcomers to the world of art topicality and opportunities to flourish, and affords the public unique insights into current events on the young art scene.

Silent Space –Intensified Integrities. Punkt Ø, Galleri F15.

I know 100 ways to be a good girl

September 27th - November 23rd

Punkt Ø presents two video installations by the the Norwegian artist Lotte Konow Lund. I know 100 ways to be a good girl (1997) and Video nr.13 eller forbrytelse og straff (2000).

Paul McCarthy, Painter, 1995.

Paul McCarthy. Ketchup and Blod

September 27th - November 23rd

The exhibition presents two video works by Paul McCarthy (b.1945), one of the world`s most important living artist. The title reflects McCarthy’s interest, and interaction with the materials – which is not only a working tool but an important part of the work itself.

Silent Space –Intensified Integrities. Punkt Ø, Galleri F15.

Silent Space - Intensified Integrities

September 27th - November 23rd


The exhibition Silent Space –Intensified Integrities at Punkt Ø/Galleri F15, Moss initiates the Silence Project, a Nordic Contemporary exhibition progamme that takes a multi-disciplniary angle examining how our experience of silence and space has shaped culture as well as our own individual identities. Silent Space  – Intensified Integrities introduces works of eight Nordic artists whose positions address the interference of environment and personal space.


Joyce Kozloff (USA), Targets, 2012.

Mind the Map

21 June - 21 September 2014

In May 2014 Norway will celebrate the 200-year anniversary of its constitution, a time of great festivity around the country. Punkt Ø will join the celebrations by exhibiting archival maps from around the time of the signing of the Moss Convention – the de facto peace treaty that formed the basis for the union between Sweden and Norway.  

Photo: Jan Svensson, Hallands Konstmuseum

Susan Philipsz

May 24th- September 21st

The Distant Sound

Inspired by the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish coastal geography and cultural history the internationally renowned artist Susan Philipsz develops a land border sound installation to be implemented in nine different places from May to September 2014. In Moss the sound will be heard from Reier beach and Alby, Jeløy.

Susan Philipsz's work is part of In Site, an EU-based collaboration between nine partners in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.The sound installaiton encourage visitors to reflect on their place in the landscape and history, while also putting the work focus on the whole site's overall cultural and special identity.


Sigurd Bronger. Sensor 2005. Film, stavfel Production - Carl Johan Engberg 2012

Tendenser 2014

April 12th - June 15th

Tendenser is an annual exhibition at Galleri F 15 focusing on Arts and Crafts. It was presented for the first time in 1971, and the series has  since then been presentet fourty times. 


John David Nielsen

John David Nielsen

February 1st - March 30th

Det malte bilde

(The Painted Image)

Serie D# 11 (Velazquez), akryl, 2 deler, hver 180 x 100, 2009, Statoil

Christian Messel

February 1st - March 30th

Voice of Authority